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A practical guide for starting a small business

Import from China
Become an Entrepreneur

Import from China is a guide designed to help you become an entrepreneur. It is full of independent information and advice on how to start a business by importing from China.

Import From China Business was Founded with Goal of Linking the Needs of the West with the East

It is my goal to create a helpful resource that provides practical advice from real people on Import from China.  The information contained in this website comes from the personal research and experiences of those who like to or have imported from China.  It is designed to help with every stage of planning an Import from China Business, the satisfying and the not so satisfying steps along the way!

This website is constantly changing. I will be adding and updating information often.  Be sure to come back to get the latest on Import from China.

I would love to hear from you if you are planning or have started your Import from China Business.  I am sure your experiences will be invaluable for other entrepreneurs.


Enjoy Import from China.


Happy Planning!

Wai Yin

Import to USA - How to Import Products into the United States
Learn the four steps to importing from China to the USA.  Select the right Shipping to USA port for you.  What are the top categories for import to USA?  A list of easy to import products is provided to give you ideas on what to import from China.  Explore how you can capitalize on one of the popular import industries of Fashion USA, American Shoes, American Electronics, American Toys, US Furniture, American Leather or Photography Equipment.  There is also a growing trend of Chinese products and services such as Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture becoming popular with the American consumer.  Banned items such as ivory are identified.

Access the important forms that you will need including a special section on trade restrictions. Learn American Business Culture and gain valuable US Business travel advice. Understand how to work with USA Customs.  Learn how to read and interpret tariff rates within the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.  Take advantage of Foreign Trade Zones or Free Trade Zones to receive special treatment with regards to taxation of imported goods.

Import to India - How to Import Products to India
Discover how to import from China to India.  The importing process for getting goods into China’s neighbor, India is clearly explained.  What to tell your business partners about India Business Culture is also important.  Get valuable India Travel Tips and an exposure to the EXIM policy in India.

See what industries in India are some of the the largest categories for import opportunities.  Get details on the Fashion Industry, India Shoes, Electronics India, Furniture India and the Leather Industry in India as potential opportunities.  Learn how to import products from China to India by shipping to India.

UK Imports - Learn the process of importing goods to United Kingdom
Discover the processes required for importing from China, a non-European Union country.  How is this different than for a EU country?  A simplified version of the potentially complex procedure is illustrated.  The UK Business Culture is illustrated along with UK Business Travel.  UK Import controls are described.  Explore the UK Industry for import opportunities.  Details on the Fashion UK and UK Shoes industries are described as import opportunities. The major UK Ports for Shipping UK are illustrated.

Import Australia - How to Import Goods into Australia
Learn how you can bring goods into Australia for resale.  Understand the process.   Know the various restrictions to ensure that you import products successfully.  Australian Business Culture, Australian Industries and Australia Travel Tips are also described.  Explore Australian Fashion and Shoes Australia as import opportunities.  Identify which Australian port is best for shipping to Australia.

Importing to Canada - The Process of Importing Goods to Canada Understand what is required to import goods into Canada.  The various rules and regulations impacting importing to Canada are identified.  Know the situations when you need a permit.  Gain insights into Canada culture and Exporting to Canada opportunities.  Check out the Canadian Fashion and Shoes Canada industries as import opportunities.  Determine how to get the goods from China to Canada by Shipping to Canada’s major ports.  Canada Travel Tips are offered to exporters visiting Canada.  See how the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) improved Canada’s trade position.

Importing Business - A Practical Guide
The Importing Business Guide provides you with simple “how to’s” from starting an import from China business, tips on a successful importing business to how products are exported from China.  Identify product requirements.  Discover how to sell your products and why you need to acquire International Banking Services.  See how a Customs Attorney can help your import process.  Learn how to locate Trade Leads and Drop Ship Wholesalers.  Evaluate and find suppliers.  How to make sure that child labor is not involved.  The reasons for a booming China Economy are described.

Import Jobs - Defining the Different Importing Roles
By understanding the different roles in the importing process, you will be able to decide on the type of import business that you wish to participate in. You can start as little or as much as you prefer.

Sourcing From China - The Import From China Business Guide
Everything that you wanted to know about goods manufactured in China. What are the hot industries and products for China exports?  Learn the details of the China Electronics, China Fashion, China Shoes, China Cars, China Auto Parts, China Watches, China Phones, Lithium Batteries, Cheap Razor Blades, Cheap Designer Handbags, Cheap Pianos, Chinese Tea, Ginseng, Medical Supplies, Wigs, Bamboo Towels, Costume Jewelry, Cheap Cosmetics, Medicinal Mushrooms and China Toys industries as import opportunities.  See Chinese Painting, China Furniture and Bamboo Flooring used in the Asian Decorating Style around the world.  Explore the underground world of counterfeit goods.

Ever wonder how you would find an import supplier or China Manufacturing Company? Top China Shipping ports are identified to transport your import from China goods. Why should you consider manufacturing in China?

International Business Travel - Strategies for Saving Time and Aggravation.
Valuable tips on achieving safety, comfort, efficiency, and cost for International Business Travelers.  Identify the special needs for business women traveling alone abroad.  Learn about travel warnings and travel advisories.  Take a body language course.  Learn how to book international flights

Entrepreneur Advice - Resources for the Import Entrepreneur
To help you plan every step of the becoming an entrepreneur, this set of tools ranges from picking a business idea, naming your business, getting financial assistance, creating marketing and business plans, and using accounting software.

Business Finances - The Essentials of Starting and Running an Import Business
Here are all the the important financial tools for you to successfully start up an Import from China Business.  What are the Start Up Costs?  How to price imports?  As your business grows, you will be able to tap into the other financial tools such as break even analysis, gross profit margins and business financial budgets to ensure long term profitability.

China Imports - Export to the Biggest Market in the World
Learn the reasons why and how to capitalize on the world’s largest consumer market.  Tips for how to export to China are provided.  Avoid the scams.

International Standards Organization - Creating Standards for Import Exports
Learn how to use the ISO Standards from the International Standards Organization to benefit your import export business.  ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 standards are explained in easy to understand language.

China Business Travel - Traveling to China to Start Your Import Business
How to plan your business trip to China successfully. Travel tips, Visas to China, travel documents and China Adoption are discussed along with in depth reviews of the top cities for importing from China: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan.  Understand the China Internet for you to connect to the world.

Chinese Business Culture - Things to Know to Ensure Import Business Success
Everything you need to know to be successful dealing with the Chinese. All the facts on Business Culture, the Chinese Language, Eating Chinese Food, Chinese Astrology, Translations and Chinese Name Structure.  Take a Feng Shui course and learn Feng Shui tips on placement.

Chinese Traditions - Learn the beliefs and practices that shape the Chinese society
Get acquainted with the major Chinese festivals such as the Chinese New Year Celebration, Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Racing and Chinese Lantern Festival.  Understanding the background to these traditions will make it easier for you to do business with the Chinese.

Chinese Religions - Understanding religious practices in China
Religious practices have a profound effect on a society’s thinking and the manner which personal and business decisions are made.  Learn about religious freedoms in China.  Reviews on Buddhism facts, Taoism beliefs, Islam in China, Catholicism versus Protestantism, and Catholicism beliefs are conducted.

Import From China Business
Table of Contents

Real Experiences!

Jimmy G, Import to USA

“Thank you for taking the time to create this informative website.  My family are Americans currently living in Yiwu, China.  My wife, an English Teacher and I wanted to get into Import from China.  Your advice on importing goods to the US market helped us to successfully launch our import business.“

I am a Hong Kong born, Canadian raised and educated immigrant working in the United States as a marketing executive within the technology industry. As I grew interested in becoming an entrepreneur by importing from China, I quickly realized that it required a lot of time and research.  What surprised me was the lack of quality guidance on the Internet for Import from China topics.

The bulk of my searches on the Internet brought back websites of companies trying to sell me something with vague information on starting a small business and little reliable advice on Import from China.

All I really wanted was:

With the knowledge and experience that I gained from my search, I decided to create a website focusing on the challenges of the Import Entrepreneur from the West and the cultural insight necessary to break into the Import market of the East.