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Photos:  Dolls - Constantin Jurcut; Angel - Lize Rixt; Girl in chil - Valerij Zhugan; Frisbee - Joshua Davis

American Toys

Overview of American Toys Industry

American Toys industry today has the reputation of being dominated by video games: Microsoft's Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation as the industry approaches $50 Billion.  The birth of the internet information age in the 1990's combined with classic television advertising techniques from the 1950's continue to drive the demand for the American Toys market.  

American Toys in the 20th Century

1950’s & 1960’s American Toys Era

American Toys History

American Settlers and American Toys

American Toys During the Early 1800’s

American Toys Manufacturers - Late 1800’s & Early 1900’s

Famous Inventors of American Toys

The Frisbee, Flying Pie Plates

The Slinky, Accidental Discovery

Import Opportunities & American Toys of the Future

The American Toys industry can be quite unpredictable.

Real Experiences!

Geraldine F.  - Import from China to USA

“I am interested in importing picture frames and toys from China to sell in the United States.  Your web site has given me a lot of wonderful ideas.”