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Australia Travel Tips

Six Australia Travel  Tips

Australia Travel Tips are required for your business or personal Australia adventure.  Australia, a large country about the same size as the United States has less than 10% of the U.S. population.  Sparsely populated, Australia is a jewel offering clear blue waters, coral reefs, and 50,000 km of coastline filled with magnificent beaches.  The coastal cosmopolitan cities are a mecca of cultural sophistication offering sublime food, wine, and night life.  Whether traveling on business or for pleasure, here are some Australia Travel Tips to help you enjoy this paradise.

Fireworks @ Sydney Opera House - Mee Lin Woon; Sydney sunset - Tim R.

Tip #1: Australian Travel Visas

Tip #2: Australian Climate

Tip #3: Australian Time Zones

Tip #4: Australian Business Attire

Tip #5: Australian Dining

Tip #6 Australian Departure Tax

Visitors to Australia are in awe of its natural beauty.  Yet, its geographical location on earth makes it challenging for the foreigner to adapt.  Keep these tips in mind whether you are conducting an Import from China business trip or for traveling for pure pleasure.  Enjoy!