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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring Popularity

Bamboo Flooring is the "It Floor Du Jour' because it is green and environmentally friendly.  One of the fastest growing home design trends is Bamboo Flooring.

Even though it is a grass, bamboo has a hollow stem that is similar to a tree trunk.  People have discovered many uses for bamboo.  Entire houses, paper and flute are some of the things made out of bamboo in China.

Other applications especially within the United States market include bamboo flooring, bamboo kitchen countertops and bamboo fabric.  The bamboo cloth is said to be allergy free.  Bamboo flooring has become a global business even though it is primarily manufactured and imported from China.

Bamboo Historical Overview

Bamboo has a long history in its uses for building design.  The Chinese built bamboo suspended bridges during the Shang Dynasty from 1766 to 1122 ABD.  The strong external part of the bamboo was used to create tension cables up to 120 meters in length.

Bamboo bridges can also be found in India and in South America (the Incas).  Due to the material's lightweight and strength, it is no wonder that Bamboo has been used make boats and planes.  Bamboo has been proven to be a great building material for smaller buildings, roofs, wall studs, furniture and bamboo floors.

The Global Bamboo Flooring Market

The demand for Bamboo Flooring has become global with the greatest interest coming from the U.S., Europe and Asia.  The popularity of Bamboo Flooring is due to the green movement searching for a renewable product.

Bamboo and its by product, Bamboo Flooring also has a cultural influence. Not only is it strong and resilient, but bamboo is also considered to bring good luck.  Bamboo Hardwood competitors can be found around the globe including the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Philippines, Indonesia and China. Most Bamboo Hardwood companies are relatively small operating with a few employees.

Bamboo Floors Manufacturing

Bamboo is considered a sustainable and renewable resource due to the plant's rapid growth.  As a grass, bamboo is ready to be harvested in 3 years compared to hardwood which requires 25 years to grow.  Bamboo can grow as much as 24 inches in 24 hours.  Sixty four percent of the world's supply of bamboo comes from Southeast Asia.  Another thirty-three percent are found in parts of Latin America.  Even though bamboo can be found in tropical areas around the world, most bamboo used in Bamboo Flooring planks is harvested and manufactured in China.  This makes Bamboo Flooring, one of the new high demand items to import from China.  

Bamboo Flooring is manufactured from cut and laminated bamboo glued together to form individual planks.  Bamboo Flooring comes in either strip (less than 3 inches wide) or laminated plank (3 inches or wider) widths with tongue and groove edges.  It is installed in a similar manner as other solid wood flooring. Bamboo Flooring can be made in different thicknesses and colors with a protective finish or left natural unfinished.  Baking the bamboo planks for a longer period of time can darken the finish.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

There are a number of Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons.

Pros of Bamboo Flooring.

Bamboo Flooring Cons

Although Bamboo Flooring sounds like the perfect material, there are Bamboo Flooring cons.

China's Bamboo Flooring Industry

China's Bamboo Flooring industry with its 100 to 200 bamboo manufacturers is still a small segment of China's overall wood flooring industry.  Many operations are semi-finished producers where bamboo stalks are processed into bamboo strips for assembly into flooring by flooring mills.  With the global increase in the popularity of Bamboo Flooring, China's Bamboo Flooring industry is rapidly growing to meet the import from China demands.  The United States is one of China's biggest export markets for Bamboo Flooring.

Most of the Bamboo for the Bamboo Flooring industry comes from the Hunan province of China.

Hunan XiangZhu

Hunan XiangZhu Bamboo and Wood Product Co., Ltd., located in Hengyang, Hunan Province is a leading bamboo flooring manufacturer in South China. The company has 500 employees with 10 sub-factories, 18 raw material bases.  The Hengxing series bamboo floorings have a good reputation in both the domestic and the international markets.  The company is ISO 9001: 2000 and 14001 certified and exports to more than fifteen countries around the world.