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Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Towels, Eco-friendly & Earth Friendly

Bamboo Towels are chic, eco-friendly and earth friendly towels because they are super soft, durable, and great for people with allergies or sensitive skin.  Bamboo, one of the raw materials for Bamboo Towels is a renewable and biodegradable resource that does not require the use of pesticides.  This makes Bamboo Towels an eco-friendly, earth friendly alternative to traditional cotton towels which are often coated with pesticides and insecticides.  

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Cotton Towels are often colored with chemical dyes.  Bamboo Towels are found to be made with low-impact dyes.  Low-impact dyes are made from synthetic materials but they are considered eco-friendly and often preferable to natural dyes.  Less water is required in the rinse process for low-impact dyes and less dye runs off in the water.

These factors contribute to Bamboo Towels with low-impact dyes having a lower impact on the environment.  Other advantageous of low-impact dyes include the absence of heavy metals (like chrome, copper and zinc) and not requiring toxic chemical mordants to fix the low-impact dyes to the fiber.  The dye, and rinse water, are often recycled and used again.

Why Bamboo Towels?

Bamboo Towels feel like silk to the skin.  They are super absorbent and antimicrobial.  Other types of towels may contain Triclosan, a chemical antimicrobial agent.  This is not required with Bamboo Towels due to their natural antibacterial properties.   

Chemicals such as pesticides used in conventional cotton towel manufacturing often seep into the ground and bodies of water, contaminating them and harming people, fish and wildlife.   Entire villages in China have been known to suffer from cancer due to this type of water pollution and contamination.  Thankfully, Bamboo Towels are now a much better eco-friendly and earth friendly alternative.

Oeko-Tex  Certification for Bamboo Towels

As an import from China trader, you can apply for Oeko-Tex  certification for your Bamboo Towels.  Oeko-Tex  is the international gold standard for textile certification.  The Oeko-Tex label is a recognized benchmark for the consumer and also serves as an additional quality assurance tool for the manufacturer.

Your Bamboo Towels will be tested for harmful substances.  If your Bamboo Towels become Oeko-Tex certified, it will indicate to potential consumers the benefits of being successfully tested for skin-friendly and safety.  This provides an important decision-making tool for consumers when purchasing textiles.

Import from China - Bamboo Towels

Here are some examples of Bamboo Towels Suppliers in China when considering sourcing from China:

Bambro Tex

Bambro Tex is a wholesaler of Bamboo Towels in China.  They also manufacture other products made from the Bamboo fiber such as Bamboo Diapers, Bamboo Blankets, Bamboo Bedding, Bamboo Bathrobes and Bamboo Fabric.  All these products are Made In China and are excellent Import from China opportunities.


Liahren is a manufacturer of Eco-friendly textile materials of fibers, natural origin fibers, tops, yarns, fabrics and home textile of towels, blankets and baby clothes.  They are located in Beijing, China.

Shanghai Tenbro Bamboo Textile Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Tenbro is the one of the original bamboo fiber suppliers in China. Their bamboo fiber is made from non-polluted bamboo in Sichuan Province. The company produces Bamboo Towel and bathrobe made of bamboo fiber in many varieties such as dobby and jacard.  They already successfully exported the bamboo towel in large quantities to Japan, Korea, Europe and USA.