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Beijing Wowed The World

The 2008 Olympics games made Beijing famous.  People watched this city in awe as it showcased to the world what it has to offer.  If you decided to come to Beijing to conduct business, you are not alone.  Marco Polo was the first Westerner to ventured into this center of political power in 1275.


Photo Credit: Steffen Roch

Beijing, the capital city in China and home to 56 ethnic groups is considered "serious" by other Chinese.

Beijing is divided and subdivided into different geographies.  At the highest level, Beijing has four Groups:

  1. Central Districts
  2. Urban Districts
  3. Suburban Districts
  4. Suburban Counties

Central Districts: This is home of the famous Tiananmen Square, the local Beijing Municipal Government.  On the east side of the district are world class shopping centers.  The western side of the Central Districts has industries in printing, garments, arts and crafts, food and automobile maintenance.  It is also the headquarters for financial institutions such as the People Bank of China.

Urban Districts: The urban districts have an industrial base of electronics, textile, machinery and automobile.  Agriculture is an important part of the local economy which provides rice, vegetables, Peking duck, and fruits for the residents of Beijing. This area is also in the center of the nation’s top universities and home of China’s silicon valley of high tech industries.

Suburban Districts: This region is abundant in its natural resources: coal, limestone, granite. The Yongding River runs through this area offering breathtaking sights and sounds.

Suburban Counties: The water conservation area dominates the majority of this group.  It is full of mineral resources such as gold, silver, iron, and aluminum.

Four service industries have flourished and anchored the international trade in Beijing:

All Work And No Play?

Traveling to Beijing on business does not mean that you can’t play.  Here are some must do’s:

The Four Groups Of Beijing

Where To Stay

Accommodations in a foreign country can be a hit and miss.  Here are some safer ones for Westerners to explore: