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Catholicism Beliefs

Catholicism Beliefs in China and Abroad

Catholic Christians and their Catholicism Beliefs are a small minority in China.  However, there are still more Catholics in China (over 10 million) than in all of Ireland.  For Catholics all over the world, Catholicism is a community, a way of life and a religion.  Over the course of Christian history, Catholics and their Catholicism Beliefs have been seen as a political, social and economic force.

Catholicism Beliefs, Practices and Attitudes

Whether they are Catholics from China, Europe or America, there are common Catholicism Beliefs, Practices and attitudes:

Catholic Practices

Catholic Practices play a major role in contributing to Catholicism.  Here are some of the common practices:

Through these practices, combined with Catholicism beliefs, they have formed the foundation for Catholics from around the world.

Photo Credit: Priest 5 - Elvis Santana