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Catholicism vs. Protestantism

Catholicism vs. Protestantism History

Catholicism vs. Protestantism can be traced back to Christianity developments in Europe in the 1500’s.  The term Protestant refers to the churches that developed from the protests or objections of Martin Luther to Catholic practices.   Martin Luther was a German Monk who witnessed the corruptions of the Roman Church in the 16th century.  As appointed chaplain, he raised awareness of the abuses that he had seen.  Instead of preaching the faithful to earn forgiveness through good works and prayer, the church was selling  indulgences or forgiveness of spiritual guilt due to sins.

The Birth of Catholicism vs. Protestantism  

In was in 1517 that Martin Luther took a major stand against the Church for one of its selling campaigns.  The proceeds went to pay off debts of a few churchman rather than for any purposes directly related to the church.  Martin Luther posted his famous Ninety-five theses on the church door denouncing the corrupted church practices and the papal who ran it.  The Protestant principle is the belief that the Bible or Scripture is the sole authority on Christian wisdom not the creeds and doctrines of the Catholic Church.

Catholicism vs. Protestantism:  Where They Agree

Both Catholics and Protestants agree that Faith is necessary for salvation.  The faith is believing in the blood of Christ and his dying for our sins.   However, this is where the agreement between the two different churches end.

Catholicism vs. Protestantism:  Where They Disagree

Doctrine of Justification

By 1520, Martin Luther became famous for his Doctrine of Justification by faith.   So much so that he was excommunicated by the Pope in the following year.  But it did not stop Martin Luther from spreading his message.  By the mid 1520's, Lutheran congregations rejecting the papal authority and condemning the evil Rome were set up all over Germany and spread into Scandinavia.  The division within Western Christianity has now been permanently engraved in Christian history.

Although there are more Catholics than Protestants in the world, it is the reverse in China. There are more Protestants than Catholics here.