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Cheap Designer Handbags

The World of Cheap Designer Handbags

Cheap Designer Handbags has a long history in today's culture.  There are various forms of Cheap Designer Handbags.  Legitimate companies of luxury brand designer handbags or Italian Designer Bags are always looking for ways to lower their costs and produce cheaper versions of their premium Designer Handbags.  Cheap Designer Handbags could also be fake or counterfeit designer handbags which are manufactured to copy off the premium designer handbags of luxury brands.

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What is common between fake, Cheap Designer Handbags and legitimate Cheap Designer Handbags is that they are both "made in China".  That's right.  Top brands of Designer handbags are not made in France, Italy or in the UK.  They are made in China.  Interestingly, China is also the country that produces the bulk of the world's counterfeit or fake designer handbags.

Real Cheap Designer Handbags

Legitimate luxury designer brand handbag companies looking to lower their manufacturing costs often seek out low cost of labor.  The cheapest and the most plentiful labor today is in the world's most populous country of China.  It has been known that one Italian luxury brand executive sent a team of Italian artisans to China to even teach the Chinese workers to get the technique right.

Fake or Counterfeit Cheap Designer Handbags

The underground world of producing fake or counterfeit Cheap Designer Handbags is a flourishing business because it offers low risk and high return around the world.  The punishment for getting involved in producing or selling fake Cheap Designer Handbags is quite lenient compared to other crimes.  If you were caught trying to sell $200,000 worth of heroin in New York, you could end up with eight to twenty-five years in jail.  If you were caught trying to sell the $200,000 of counterfeit Cheap Designer Handbags, you might end up in jail overnight.  In fact, most people who are caught selling counterfeit goods in New York State don't even go to jail because the judges do not have the laws to sentence.

Made in China Cheap Designer Handbags

Many of the manufacturing plants for Cheap Designer Handbags are in China's Guangdong province.  There are three or four factories that specialize in manufacturing the luxury brand leather goods.  Most of them are in Dongguan, an industrial center an hour north of Hong Kong.

The luxury brand companies almost always have confidentiality agreements with the Chinese manufacturers to prevent them from revealing that their expensive designer handbags are made there.  Similarly, the luxury brand designer handbag companies do not know who else does the Chinese manufacturer produces handbags for.  It is quite possible that the luxury brand designer handbag company's competition also have their Cheap Designer Handbags produced in the same manufacturing plants.  

Imitation Cheap Designer Handbag Shopping

Hong Kong's Temple Street Night Market

There are hundreds of vendors here with many stalls of imitation Cheap Designer Handbags along with watches, clothing, sunglasses and other Chinese souvenirs.  This is the world of bargain shopping because the Chinese never pay the asking price.  So be prepared to bargain!  This is also one of Hong Kong's most lively markets.

Kowloon's Ladies Market

This very large market stretches along Tung Choi Street in Mung Kok.  It attracts the young and the hip.  The market offers inexpensive fashions for women and children, shoes, watches, jewelry and designer handbags (including the fake cheap designer handbags).

Cheap Designer Handbags Imported from China

Whether you have a genuine luxury brand of designer handbag and are looking to lower production costs or you dare to enter the world of producing and selling fake Cheap Designer Handbags, sourcing from China is your option.  There is always a market for designer handbags for less in the world.