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China Adoption

Why China Adoption

China adoption was created to help address the overcrowding issues of the world's most populous nation.   As a nation, China is rapidly approaching 1.4 billion people.  As a result, China is filled with overpopulated orphanages.  It is hoped that China adoption by international countries can help to alleviate the situation.

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One-Child Policy Impact on China Adoption

China has a One-Child policy per family as instituted by Communist government in 1983.  It is a way to curb the nation's overpopulation problem.  However, this policy is in conflict with Chinese culture where baby boys are always considered to be more valuable to the family than baby girls.  Boys stay home and grow up to provide for the family.  Girls grow up, get married and move away from home.  It has been estimated that the One-Child policy has resulted in over 100,000 parentless babies. Ninety-five percent of the parentless babies are girls.

China Adoption Laws

China's adoption laws are very recent.  The law legally recognizing adoptions domestically occurred in 1981.  The Adoption Law of China in 1992 allowed foreigners to conduct a China adoption. The China Centre of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) was created that year.  Ever since then, more than 50,000 Chinese babies have been adopted by American families.

For adoption requirements by the CCAA, see

Babies for China Adoption

The Chinese officials are quite cooperative about foreign adoption of Chinese babies from orphanages.  They see it as not only a way to protect the well-being of orphans, but it is also a bridge to the west.  In general, babies for adoptions from China are healthier than those from Latin America or Eastern Europe.  Alcohol, drug abuse, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases have not been a major concern in China. As a result, such diseases have not impacted babies for China Adoption. However, it is unrealistic to assume that all babies from China Adoptions are 100% healthy.

Children from China can suffer from:

China Adoption Process

China Adoptions are finalized in China by the China Centre of Adoption Affairs (CCAA).  Once the adoptions have been approved, at least one parent must travel to China to bring the child home.  The typical stay in China to handle the adoption is 2 weeks.  An adoption agency will need to find a facilitator in China to guide you through the process.

An example of an adoption agency in the United States is The Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI):

For foreigners wanting to begin a China adoption, an application file must be submitted to the CCAA by the adoption agency.  The file must be translated to Chinese in Beijing by the China Translation and Publishing Corporation.  The date on the file will be important because this is the date that most families will track until a child is received.  The CCAA decides the location of the China Adoption for all whose application was submitted by the adoption agency.  Everyone in the adoption agency’s group will be assigned a child at the same time.  So they will wait as a group and travel to China as a group for the China Adoption.  The typical wait time has been anywhere from four to twelve months.  

The adopting family will likely get just one picture of the child along with a health report.  If the family decides to follow through with the adoption, then papers are completed to indicate the interest.  Unless the child has a significant health issue, the adopting family will not be able to choose another baby beyond the one who has already been assigned.  Although boys are available, remember that 95% of the children from the orphanages are girls.  So you will more than likely get a girl.

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