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China Auto Parts

China Auto Parts

China Auto Parts is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry with several thousand manufacturers throughout China.  As a nation, China has risen as a major supplier for the global Auto Part industry.   As in many industries over the past two decades, China has overcome the poor reputation of producing cheap and poor quality China Auto Parts.  The nation now produces high quality but still low cost China Auto Parts.  Many of the China Auto Parts meet the vigorous international standards such as ISO 9000.

Ask auto mechanics or auto enthusiasts and they will tell you how the China Auto Parts dominate the Auto Parts market in the world.  This ranges from brake pads, filters, bolts and thousands of other auto parts. A significant impact has been made by China's on its trading partners especially the United States in the area of China Auto Parts.

Major Groups of  China Auto Parts

Almost all China Auto Parts imported from China can be classified in major product groups.  For those interested in sourcing from China made in China auto parts, be sure to explore the categories for opportunities in your country:

Major China Auto Parts Manufacturing Locations

The bulk of the China Auto Parts are produced in the cities of Shanghai, Jilin, Liaoning, Hubei, Shandong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.  Here are some details on Shanghai and other developing areas for those interested in importing China Auto Parts to consider:




For those import entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on import from China as an opportunity, China Auto Parts is a great opportunity to explore.  It is big worth billions of dollars and it is rapidly growing.  The products to import or source from China are endless.  Check out what made in China Auto Parts are needed in your country.