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China Cars

China Cars Background

China Cars and the China Car Industry have received much publicity from the media in the western world recently.  With over 1.3 billion people, the China Cars market has tremendous potential.  The China Car Industry has produced some astronomical growth rates driven primarily by the domestic Chinese passenger car sales.   

China was once associated with an image of a country full of roaming bicycles.  Today, millions of Chinese have purchased their first China Car and many more are ready to commit to that purchasing decision in the future.  The Chinese love affair with the China Cars is evident in its unlimited speed highways.  Chinese commercialism has evolved to the point where in China, you are what you wear and drive.   As an emerging nation, the population in China is experiencing the personal freedom associated with owning a personal China automobile.

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The Impact of a Growing China Cars Market

The growth of the China Cars market will have a profound effect on the rest of the world.

China is about to take on the world in the foreign automobile market.

Wuhu Car Factories

Changchun, the City of Cars

Foreign Car Manufacturers in China

China Takes on the World in Car Manufacturing

The Future of China Cars

Using car manufacturing as a measurement, China has already surpassed Korea, France and Germany.  Only the United States and Japan have a larger automobile output.

Foreign companies manufacturing in China will not compete against themselves by exporting their own cars overseas.  However, as foreign investment continues, so too will the technology transfer to the Chinese.

One thing is certain.  Sooner or later China will learn enough to begin producing their own cars for export overseas.  Foreign car manufacturers are waiting nervously for that invasion to occur.  It's not a matter of "if" they come abroad; it's a matter of "when".

China Car companies are already making inroads in Europe.  Jiangling Motors' sport utility vehicles began to market in Belgium in 2005 making the company the first China Cars for sale in Europe.

China Cars Import Opportunities Today

For those interested in importing from China today, cheaper high quality car parts are good opportunities.

These items include wheels, brake parts and car electronics.

The China opportunity of being able to import China Cars from China will likely occur within less than a decade from now.  So hold on!

China will first need to make sure that their vehicles meet western safety standards.  They will also need to overcome the developed countries’ current perception that China Cars are of low quality.