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China Electronics

The Shift In China Electronics

China Electronics has been an industry that has historically manufactured low cost, simple goods.  Today, the focus has shifted to High Technology and Information Technology.  One of the causes of this shift is China's ability to change from a nation of cheap labor to a center of sophisticated production and automation.  The Chinese manufacturing companies can now produce a cheap flat screen televisions along side with high tech network routers.  It is no wonder that the largest industry in China is now IT plus China electronics.

China's shift in manufacturing to value added goods has resulted in the production of hundreds of millions of mobile phones, LCD panel TV's and monitors and personal computers.  The domestic China Electronics and IT industry is estimated to be approaching a trillion US dollars.  The rise of the middle class in China has resulted in an increase in demand for televisions and other electronic goods prevalent in developed countries. The migration of families from rural agricultural areas to urban manufacturing centers has further accelerated this trend.

Foreign electronic companies were first enticed to come to the China factories due to a cheap labor supply for their OEM goods.  Although labor cost is still a driving factor, other variables such as political stability, educated workforce, tax rates, and infrastructure are becoming important too.

The Chinese factories run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and close only for Chinese New Year or National Day holidays.   This turns out 50 weeks of productivity per year. The China Electronics factories can be as large as the size of football fields.  They take people, components, and raw materials and crank out finished goods at an impressive rate.

China Electronics Development Areas

The Pearl River Delta region

Yangtze River Delta region



Top China Electronics Companies

While foreign brands such as Sony and Toshiba own a large share of China's domestic electronics industry, home grown Chinese companies and their brands have taken on the import competition.   

Lenovo Group

Founder Electronics

Tsinghua Tongfang




TCL Corporation

Many of the top China Electronics Companies have expanded their presence overseas putting their Made In China labels on higher end electronics in an effort to shift from a reputation of low prices to high quality.  While China is still trying to generate a Sony or a Samsung, there are Chinese electronics products that can match the quality of the world's top brands.  TL-Link is such a company.  It is the brand awareness that the Chinese companies need to work on.