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China Export Products

Import Goods From China

China Export Products or "Made In China" labeled goods are everywhere in the Western World from jeans to television sets. Historically, China's exports to other nations were mainly petroleum, textiles, and clothing. More recently, the export portfolio has increased to leather travel goods, toys and games, electronics and machinery and footwear. China's re-exports (to export goods that were previously imported from another country, especially after reprocessing them) make up the bulk of the China Export Products today.

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Apparel manufacturing plants are everywhere in China employing millions and millions of workers.  China is one of the top exporting countries for Apparel & Textiles and Garments & Textiles. The materials for clothing and accessories such as blouses and pants are often imported from Hong Kong or Taiwan and assembled in China due to low cost labor.  These goods are then re-exported to  western countries in Europe or to the United States. Top items to look for are Scarves, Gloves, Coats and Jeans.


China is responsible for 90% of the world's silk supply.  In addition, it also exports knitted cotton, cotton fabric, wool yarn, linen and fur. Export oriented manufacturing plants are increasing their capacity to take the textiles all the way to finished goods.


Manufacturing footwear is a labor intensive process. With almost 1.4 billion inhabitants, China has just the labor power house to keep turning out millions and millions of shoes.  The top list of shoe exports are: athletics shoes, leather and canvas shoes, leather sandals.

Machinery and Electronic Parts

The export of machinery and electronic parts to original equipment manufacturers has steadily increased over the years. Parts ranged from bearings, parts, chains, and motors.  The top machinery export parts are related to the bicycle and the sewing machine.


China has progress from exporting mechanical watches and clocks to more modern day quartz, and LCD watches. They also export watch parts including bands, and metal casings.

Electronics and Electronic Components.

China exports capacitors, transistors, transformers and other electronic parts.  They also export consumer related goods such as televisions, radios, electronic games, and telephones.

Metals and Minerals

The world's largest supply of titanium, phosphate, tungsten and molybdenum are in China.  Some of the rare metals: vanadium, gallium, germanium for the aerospace, and electronic industries are also exported. Metal products, hardware supplies and building materials (screws, nuts and bolts, hinges, pipes, lights bulbs), are increasing in demand globally.


China with its vast labor force is the assembly plant for much of Hong Kong's toy exports which are dominated by stuffed toys and animals. They are also starting to export the electronic games.

Rubber and Plastics

Rubber and plastics are raw materials used on China to manufacture finished goods for exporting.  Goods such as tires, rubber shoe bottoms, hoses, and belts are common.

Arts and Crafts

The country's abundant labor force helped to drive the Arts and Crafts export sector.  You will see items ranged from flowers, baskets, rugs, to Christmas decorations.

Agricultural and Animal By-Products

China controls the world's largest Agricultural industry. Although much of the agricultural products are consumed within the country, much of the By-Products such as brushes, leather gloves, leather suitcases, are exported.

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