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Export from China

Exporting, the Other Half to Importing

To effectively run an Import From China Business, you must understand the other half of the equation, how your counterpart exports the items to you (export from China). The export process varies widely depending on the industry in China but here is an overview.

10 Steps to Export from China Via Shipping

To illustrate the steps, here is a general process for exporting via Marine. It involves 4 parties: your Supplier, the Shipping Agent, the Customs Agent, the government’s Export Customs Authority.  

  1. When the supplier of your product has finished manufacturing your goods, he needs to contact a Shipping Agent.
  2. The Shipping Agent books space on a shipping vessel.
  3. The supplier provides the necessary documents to the Customs Agent and delivers the goods to the container terminal.
  4. The Customs Agent passes the documents to the Exports Customs Authority and pays for the export duties on behalf of the supplier.
  5. The Export Customs Authority may audit the goods to validate the contents according to the documents.
  6. If the goods are approved, the Customs Authority issues Clearance Papers to the Customs Agent.
  7. Once approved, the container is sealed and loaded onto the shipping vessel.
  8. After the vessel has departed, the Shipping Agent receives the shipment Bill of Lading which is a shipment’s receipt.
  9. The Shipping Agent passes the Bill of Lading to the supplier of your goods.
  10. The supplier can now apply to get a refund for the Value Added Tax at a National Chinese Tax Bureau.

These ten steps are followed in a typical export process to bring goods out of China and into your country.  The steps may be done by your Chinese supplier or yourself if you plan to manufacturer goods in China.