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China Furniture

China Furniture Market Overview

China Furniture is a booming industry due to both domestic and global factors.  Domestically, there are approximately 400 million households in China.  With each household replacing furniture every 10 years, it means that about 40 million households are searching for new furniture every year.  That's a huge market!  The shift of the rural population to urban centers further fuels the China Furniture market.  Moving to new homes in urban centers requires the purchase of new China Furniture. Approximately 10 million couples get married every year in China which adds to the demand for China Furniture.

Commercial China Furniture Market

The commercial China Furniture market is also growing in China due to the 2000 foreign related hotels and restaurants in China.  It has been estimated that over 300,000 hotel rooms require China Furniture replacement on an annual basis.  As new hotels and restaurants are added to China's booming economy, they continue to drive growth in an already bullish China Furniture industry.  

The growth in office buildings in China due to the economic success of the country is yet another demand source for China Furniture.  The building of facilities related to sports, culture, and educational events such as the 2008 Olympics and the 2010 World's Fair has also played a major role in increasing the demand for commercial China Furniture.  

Impact of China Furniture Felt Around the World

On an international basis, China has single handedly caused the collapse of the Furniture market in countries such as the U.S.  Even American Furniture companies had no choice but move their manufacturing to China due to the cheap labor supply.  The United States and Japan are the largest importers of China Furniture.  China also exports China Furniture to these top markets from around the world: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong (now part of China).

China Furniture Appreciation

China Furniture is probably the least appreciated of all China art forms. Unlike porcelain, lacquer, calligraphy and painting, the art of China Furniture has kept a low profile and received little media attention until the modern times.  The appreciation of China Furniture by foreigners began in the 1930's when American and European scholars living in Beijing and Shanghai started to collect fine antiques.  These priceless pieces of China Furniture found their way to major museum exhibits in New York, Philadelphia, and Kansas City.

China Furniture History

As a society, China had a mat culture similar to the Japanese for centuries.  Sitting, sleeping, eating and socializing were conducted on the floor on woven mats.  The China Furniture originated during the Tang dynasty (AD 618-906).  During the beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127), high ranking officials began to use tables and chairs.  By the end of this dynasty, the new culture of sitting on chairs high above the floor spread throughput all social classes.  The China Furniture craft became more established as owning furniture was no longer for the privileged members of society.  Complete sets of furniture with high legs were developed.

Ming Style of China Furniture with its exquisite selection of materials and attention to details is the traditional Chinese furniture.  Such pieces were often made without the use of a single nail and glue was used on an occasional basis only.  The China Furniture makers were truly artists.

China Furniture Import from China Opportunity

China Furniture for importers interest in importing from China provides a tremendous opportunity today.  The China Furniture is often used in Asian style of decorating in the modern western world.  This creates a high demand for China Furniture outside of China.