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China Imports - Huge & Growing Market

China Imports or Export to China inevitably becomes a topic of interest as entrepreneurs learn and navigate the process of importing from China.  They very quickly recognize that China is a nation with a potential of 1.4 billion consumers.  Rather than Import from China, why don't we just Export to China?  By reversing the flow of goods (China Imports), the issues, challenges and processes become very different than importing goods from China into your home country.  Here are some of the key facts about China Imports.

China Imports

Starting an Export Business with China

Exporting products to China is quite different than importing products from China.  Starting an export business with China means having to deal with an abundance of bureaucratic challenges.  However, starting a business in China is still easier than starting a business in other countries.  You will require perseverance.  Be transparent and open about what your business does and what you are trying to accomplish in China.  The Chinese society is not very tolerant of foreigners who try to enter the China market under false pretenses.   Your entire management team will need to act as good will ambassadors for your business and your home.

You will need to work with the local community in China to establish good will for your company.  Sooner or later you will need to hire local labor or your company may run into challenges.  When those events occur, you will need to have established good will for your company.  The local Chinese community will more likely to help and or be forgiving.

The Formalities of Starting a Business in China

As with most other countries, starting and registering a business in China requires processing many documents and paperwork.  Most are not complex or expensive.  If your firm has already established good will within the local community, then a member of your industrial park or the local government may be asked to assist you and walk through the process.  Remember if your business benefits the local community, they will want to assist and help you succeed.  

China Imports Restrictions

Just as China prohibits the exports of certain items, there are import items which may be restricted or subject to quotas (agricultural products and textiles) or import licensing (aircraft, cars, steel, medicines, high technology goods, goods for military use).   You should also be aware of the laws within your local country.  Depending on their relationship with China, different countries will have different export restrictions to China.

China Imports & ISO 9000 Qualifications

When considering China Imports or exporting to China, your company should have received the International Standards Organization's ISO 9000 certification.  It will assist you greatly in marketing your products in China. The International Standards Organization publishes 13,000 industry standards. The ISO 9000 is a series of standards that document your company's quality assurance procedures via an in depth investigation of your company.

Starting Small With China Imports

Rather than exporting a large quantity of goods to China, you may want to start with a small shipment to learn the problems and issues that will inevitably arise.  Your knowledge of restrictions, taxes, Chinese society, finances and professional resources will be greatly tested.