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China Internet

China Internet - The Great Firewall of China

China Internet, similar to many things in communist China is censored by the Chinese government.  The age of the Internet has impacted the Chinese population much like the rest of the world spreading liberal ideas. This is in direct conflict to the conservative media rules of the communist party in China.  The government sees evil in China Internet.

Photo Credit: Internet Café - Gabriella Fabbri

As difficult as it may be to segregate China from the World Wide Web, the Chinese government has the help of global giants to censor the communications with its citizens.  Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft have all provided Internet addresses of Chinese citizens who have been arrested.

The global Internet giants also comply with Chinese laws to have sophisticated filtering of capitalistic related blog topics.  Blogs for democracy often generate an error message, "This site contains forbidden language.  Please delete the prohibited expression."

The Chinese government has engaged in blocking of certain websites, shutting down Internet cafes, and monitoring of Internet traffic.  

In spite of such government actions, accessing Internet in China is still relatively easy for the business person conducting an import from China trip.

Tips on China Internet Access without a Computer

If you happen to arrive in China without a computer, here are your options for accessing China Internet:

Tips on China Internet Access with Your Own Computer

If you brought your computer with you on your import from China trip, there are a number ways for you to access the Internet.

Knowing all the issues of Internet access in China, it is a good idea to bring an accessories bag with plugs, adaptors, and chargers for your laptop .  Then you can easily access the Internet and stay connected on your business trip to China whether you are there to find imports for your country or something else.