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China Phones

An Introduction to China Phones

China phones or cellular phones in China are called mobiles and the literal translation of shou'ji means hand device.  The Chinese has embraced this form of information technology over land lines.  Similar to the west's SMS or texting, the younger Chinese prefers the speed and brevity of a short message called duan'xin.  On an average day, the Chinese sends over a billion text messages.

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Buying & Using China Phones

Sales of Smartphones by companies such as Samsung and Motorola have been booming in China.  In North America, consumers change their phones once or twice every 18 months.  In China, phones are considered fashion items.  They are changed every 3 months.

Purchasing a phone in China is also a very different experience than purchasing one in the western countries.  Consumers in the North America like to pick up the display models, touch them and turn them on during the decision making process.  Touch and feel is important.

In China, everything is displayed behind glass cases.  Workers in the stores are employed by the phone manufacturers.  Phone inventory is not carried by the stores.  Instead, the vendors carry the inventory.  When a consumer purchases a phone in China, the phone is shipped to the consumer's home.  The Chinese consumer cannot walk out of the store with a phone in the manner that the consumer can in western countries.

Manufacturing Regions for China Phones

China phones are part of China's value added electronics industry.  Along with China Mobile phones, flat screen TV's and personal computers fuel the almost a trillion dollars (US) industry.  There are three major manufacturing regions in China for China phones:

  1. Bejing and Tianjin in Northern China
  2. Zhujiang Delta Region in Southern China
  3. Huadong of the Yanzhijiang Delta regions

Together these three regions produce almost the entire mobile phone supply in China.

China Phones Manufacturers

China Phones manufacturers include local companies, multinational companies, Taiwanese companies and contractual manufacturers.


TCL Corporation has been a manufacturer in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances since 1981.  From TCL's website, "TCL employs more than 50,000 people in over 80 operations, including 18 R&D centers, 20 manufacturing bases, and more than 40 sales offices around the world".  Its China Mobile Phones headquarters is in Shenzhen Guangdong, China.

Ningbo Bird

Ningbo Bird is a high technology company established in October 1992.  It is one of China's top mobile phone manufacturers with headquarters in Fenghua, Zhejiang Province.  Ningbo Bird Co Ltd, engaged in a joint venture with Sagem Communication, a leading French high-tech company in 2005 with hopes of quadrupling its mobile phone output. The majority of Ningbo Bird's mobile phones are exported to overseas.

Panda Mobile Phones

PandaPhone is a China wireless service and China travel information provider.  The company boasts more than 700,000 customers who are China visitors from North America and 900,000 from rest of the world.  Panda Phone specializes in offering China cell phone rental, BlackBerry rental, China SIM card and Mobile recharge services. They especially cater to travelers to China who have communication needs either for business or pleasure.

China Kejian Co., Ltd

China Kejian Co., Ltd. is a Shenzhen-based mobile phone maker company that manufactures and markets Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) cellular phones and related parts.  China Kejian Co., Ltd has cooperated with South Korean Samsung Electronics to build a production base for CDMA mobile phones and other mobile terminals.

These China phone companies should be in your consideration set if you are interested in importing China Phones from China.