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China Shoes

China Shoes

China Shoes conjure up many images as an industry within China and around the world.  "Made in China" Shoes have practically impacted every corner of the globe.  The rest of the world is shrinking while China escalates to a global economic power.  Thousands of leather manufacturers in China produce billions of pairs of shoes for export around the world.

China Shoes have also been part of the Chinese belief and culture for many generations.  China Shoes called Lotus shoes were made for women who were engaged in foot binding, a practice in Chinese culture and a way of life for generations.

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Lotus Shoes for Foot Binding

The practice of foot binding in China has its origins in the tenth century throughout the Han ethnic majority and ended by the twentieth century during the communist rule.  Dancers in the Imperial court wore very tight shoes which led to the practice of foot binding.

Little girls' feet were tightly wrapped with strips of cloth to stop them from growing.  The toes with the exception of the big toe were folded underneath the sole.  The bones would break and the feet would become deformed as they attempt to grow.  It resulted in grown women with hoof like feet no longer than three to four inches in length.  Although initially very painful, the experience eventually became tolerable over the years due the bones becoming healed.  Grown Chinese women with bind feet would walk in tiny steps on their heels to compensate for their deformed feet.

The practice of foot binding became popular with the elite Chinese women for a variety of reasons:

China Shoes Beliefs

Within Chinese culture, there are many beliefs surrounding China Shoes. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

China Shoes Manufacturing


Unless you were paying attention during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, you probably have never heard of Li Ning, a brand of sports shoes in China.  Li Ning is China's largest sports shoe supplier and was an Olympics sponsor.  Such popular China Shoes brands in China with little presence overseas present golden import opportunities for the westerner.

Some of the key China Shoes manufacturing areas in China include:

Guangdong Province

Zhejiang Province

China Shoes Trade Shows

For those interested in capitalizing on the huge China Shoes market, attending a local China Shoes trade show is a must.

International Shoes and Leather Exhibition (Guangzhou, China)