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China Toys

China Exports China Toys

China Toys is a dynamic industry as China has become the largest exporter of toys in the world.  About a quarter of China's exports are attributable to China Toys.  The variety of China Toys range from stuffed animals, games, dolls, puppets, tricycles, masks, radio controlled toys, kites and inflatable items.  Raw materials such as plastics, wood, rubber, metal, bamboo, and ceramics are used to manufacture China Toys.  

Mattel Recall & China Toys Manufacturing

In a global market place, Mattel produces the majority of its toys in China. However, much of the China Toys industry received negative publicity due to the headlines such as Mattel's recall of toys containing lead paint.  An estimated 10 million pieces of toys manufactured in China were affected. According to Mattel, the Chinese manufacturer, Lee Der purchased lead-tainted paint to be used on toys as a means to cut costs.  

How can such a fiasco happen to a huge corporation with quality brands such as Mattel?  The company did investigate the contractors but it fell short of auditing the entire supply chain including subcontractors.  This is a major lesson for those importers interested in importing toys from China.

Hot Spots for China Toys Production

Similar to many other industries, the shift of toy production to China is primarily due to the lower cost of production.  The number one manufacturing region for China Toys is in the Guangdong province.  Jiangsu and Zhejiang are also key production bases for China Toys.   These three regions have about 1,500 toy manufacturers or three quarters of China's manufacturing firms.

Some examples of factories for China Toys production are:

Tips for Importing China Toys from China

The majority of toys within the United States come from China. Although a permit is not required to import China Toys into the U.S., the toys must comply with the Consumer Product Safety Act.  The legislation is enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Other countries may have similar or different regulations.

Every year billions of dollars of China Toys are sold in the United States. Lowest wholesale prices can be had if the China Toys are purchased direct from Chinese manufacturers.  Prices are so low that it is possible to purchase a toy from China for less than $1 while it may cost ten times that amount for a similar toy made in the United States or any other country.

The toy retail industry is very competitive.  It is wise to select unique toy products from China to reduce competition within your country.

Timing is also important due to holiday and seasonal peaks such as Christmas.  So you will need to time your China Toys imports from China accordingly.