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China Business Travel

For Business or for Pleasure?

China Business Travel has many challenges.  China as a country is vast and it has many unique languages, cultures and subcultures.  Sure, you can find Mr. Tung on the Internet to send you 100 purses to sell in your gift shop in Ft. Caspar, Wyoming or Kitchener, Ontario.   But no matter how much research you do, nothing compares to an actual visit to shake hands with your Chinese contact through Chinese Business Travel.  

As a small business importer, you will not likely have the resources to purchase the expertise such as an interpreter that you’ll need for conducting business in China.  You can still enter China as an individual with an appropriate tourist visa.  Most western travel agents will have connections with China's private travel agents to arrange travel tours. You can also contact the government owned China International Travel Service or the China Travel Service.

For an official China Business Travel trip, you will need a Chinese sponsor for your Visas to China application.  In this case, it would be someone who you potentially would like to import goods from.

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Where do I go?

China Business Travel can be a culture shock to many westerners.  China is the world’s most populous nation for centuries.  While China Adoption by International families has helped the over crowded orphanages, China is still a nation packed with people.  So to ease the transition, here are ten top tips for traveling to China.

Men traveling overseas on business can be a difficult experience. However, women traveling alone on business can be even more challenging.  Add the complexity of a foreign land, language and attitudes towards women, women traveling abroad can have experiences of excitement and joy turning into danger very quickly. Women traveling alone should take precautions for their own safety.

Whether you are a man or woman, the top business locations for China are:

Once you land in China and get to your hotel, you may want to log on to your computer and get connected with your business in your home country.  Fortunately, the Internet in China has developed to the extent that the foreigner in China has easy access.  However, there are a few tips and rules about the China Internet that you should consider and follow. The Chinese government censors Internet usage in China which has been known as the Great Firewall of China.

A Glimpse into China.  Watch & Enjoy

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If you have been fortunate to have visited China, you must have great pictures. Do you have a favorite one?  You love it for a number of reasons.  There is a great story behind it that you share with your friends over and over again.

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