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China Watches

An Introduction to China Watches

China Watches have been a fascination with the Chinese for centuries even though it is considered bad luck to give clocks and watches as a gift in China.  The word for "giving a clock" in Chinese (song zhong) sounds like sending someone off to a funeral.  

Photo Credits: Seiko Lorus and Jules Jurgensen Watch - Manuel De La Pena

China Watches and the Measurement of Time

The introduction of the western 24 hour system of dividing the day by using mechanical clocks did not occur in China until the seventeenth century.  Prior to that, the Chinese had three different ways of dividing the day into smaller units:

  1. Unequal divisions using the position of the sun and set by routines of the day such as mealtimes.
  2. Ten watches (5 during daytime hours & 5 during night time hours)
  3. Twelve equal two hour units based on the sun at noon

China Watches Manufacturing in Greater Pearl River Delta

Hong Kong, now part of China is the world's second largest exporter of China watches behind only the Swiss.  Hong Kong dominates the low end watch market.  Lacking natural resources for its economy, Hong Kong imports raw materials, builds factories and exports watches and clocks to the rest of the world.

Shenzhen a major city situated immediately north of Hong Kong in Southern China's Guangdong Province is a manufacturing base for traditional industries such as watches, clocks and toys.

Gaoming City, also in Guangdong Province emphasizes on watches and clocks, shoes, stationary, and building supplies.


Importing China Watches

The brands of China Watches are high quality but they are much less expensive than other foreign luxury brands.

For importers around the world seeking products to import, China Watches definitely be on the list of Import from China opportunities.

Top Selling China Watch Brands

In China, it is the Chinese men who are the purchasers of expensive China watches.  They signify business and financial success.  The top luxury watch brands sold in China are Omega, Rado, Longines, Rolex and Tudor. Omega, the market leader is nearly three times larger than second place, Rado in terms of sales dollars.

Foreign watch brands also face competition from local China watches such as Rossini, Fiyta, Tianwang and Ebohr.  Even though local Chinese consider foreign brands to be superior to China Watch brands, some Chinese brands do very well in the local Chinese market.  Such China Watches make perfect Import from China opportunities.


Rossini Watch (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2003 with headquarters in Hong Kong.  Its tagline of "Time always follows me" aims to define the brand which is quality, simplicity, nobility, elegance and smoothness.  With watch styles of contemporary casual and dressy, the Rossini brand is currently one of the most popular in China.  The watches contain imported movements, mostly quartz which are installed in cases produced by the company. Rossini also produces gold-plated watch cases for other companies.


Working jointly with the Astronaut Centre of China, Fiyta is the official supplier of watches to the Chinese Astronauts since 2003. The first Chinese Astronaut to wear a Fiyta watch was Lt. Col. Yang Li Wei on board the Shenzhou 5 in 2003.  The "Fiyta Spacemaster" was worn by astronaut,  Zhai Zhigang on September 29, 2008 on the first spacewalk by a Chinese astronaut.  By this time, the "Fiyta Spacemaster" was already the third space watch by Fiyta.   


The Tianwang brand of watches is owned by Tian Wang Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.  The parent company is Hongkong Horologe Giant - Weiming Group.  The Tianwang brand was established in 1988 with the approval of the Chinese government.  The company uses imported Swiss equipment for its manufacturing processes.  Its Tianwang brand with an image of success, noble and fashion has received hundreds of awards in China such as "High Quality Products of Shenzhen Special Administrative Region" in 1991.


Ebohr watches of Ebohr Luxuries International Limited is one of the top three Chinese watch brands in China.  The company focuses on R&D and quick to market resulting in the deliver of innovative and unique watch designs with a focus on quality.  Ebohr Luxuries International Limited was accredited with ISO9001 designation.  The Ebohr  watch brand was acknowledged as a "China Top Brand" by central government.