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Chinese Business Culture

Photo Credit: Asia in the details - Alek von Felkerzam; Spiritual - Helmut Artmeier

For Business or for Pleasure?

Chinese Business Culture is influenced by China’s vast country with many unique languages, cultures and subcultures.  Sure, you can find Mr. Tung on the Internet to send you 100 purses to sell in your gift shop in Ft. Caspar, Wyoming or Kitchener, Ontario.   But no matter how much research you do, nothing compares to an actual visit to shake hands with your Chinese contact.  To do this successfully, you need to understand the Chinese Business Culture.

What does Chinese Culture have to do with Business?

What does the business traveler need to know about Chinese Culture? Culture influences our business decisions, attitudes, values, and personal tastes.  Western and Chinese people have misunderstood each other in the past. Learning the differences in Chinese culture versus your own will do nothing but help with you business dealings in this country.

Some notable differences are: