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The Chinese Moon Festival takes place on the fifteenth day of the eighth month on the Chinese Lunar Calendar or in the fall sometime in September on the western calendar.  It is always a full moon on this very special day.  

This autumn festival commemorates the lady of the moon, Zhang O. According to folklore, the famous archer, Hou Yi was honored by the gods for his service around 2,000 B.C.  He was awarded the pill of immortality.  Unfortunately, his wife, Zhang O discovered the pill and swallowed it out of curiosity.  She immediately ascended to the moon where she lives today.

The festival is also to commemorate the overthrown of the Yuan dynasty 4,000 years ago.  The Chinese Moon Festival is similar to the American Thanksgiving which both occur in the fall.  On the night of the Chinese Moon Festival, Zhang O is the most beautiful.

Origins of Chinese Moon Festival

Chinese Moon Festival

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Here are some key activities that occur on this autumn festive night:




Moon Cakes & Rituals of the Chinese Moon Festival

The Chinese Moon Festival is just one of several major festivals in China. They are in part legend, folklore, and ritual but they all influence the way the Chinese think and feel.  By understanding the Chinese Moon Festival, it will help you to interact with the Chinese whether on a personal level or on a business level especially if you want to import from China.

Photo Credit: Porcelain Vase - Mee Lin Woon