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Chinese Symbols Translation

Could you Speak a Little Slower, Please

There are free online translators such as Google Translate which will conduct basic translations for you.

If you come across a Chinese website, you can paste the URL in Google and then hit translate this page link. It's literal translation so it is not 100% accurate but it is free!

Chinese Symbols Translation is quite easy these days.  Gone are the days when you buy an English-Chinese dictionary and try to learn the Chinese language and manually translate Chinese symbols.  Today, thanks to modern technology, you can do a lot without going through the expense of trying to find an official Chinese translator.   Here are some useful tools for Chinese Symbols Translation.

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Translations for Free

Oh Thank you, Google Language Tools

Another very useful and free tool is on Google’s home page called Language Tools.  Click on it and you will open to a page that allows you to convert from Chinese to English and English to Chinese.

Try typing something in the translate text box. Select from English to Chinese.  Click Translate icon and voila instant translation.   Click the speaker icon, and Mr. Google will tell you how to pronounce the Chinese word.  How cool is that?  And all for free!

Chinese Word Processing

If you use the U.S. Version of Microsoft Word, there is a Chinese Language pack available.

You can also convert your English keyboard to a Chinese Keyboard using Microsoft windows.

Go to your computer’s help to get step by step instructions on how to convert.

A Word of Advice

I love free things in life.  Doing a simple translation using technology is a wonderful thing for the Import From China Business person. However, if you have business contracts, letters and other items to translate, no computer will ever replace the accuracy of a human. Do yourself a favor, pay for a translation service.  I learned the hard way that the Chinese word for to stir or to mix sounds like the English four letter word that I am not allowed to say or type.   

To find English Chinese Translators in the United States, you can go to the American Translator’s Association website.

Photo Credit:  Yali Shi