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Furniture India

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Photo Credit: Craftman - Ken Jordan

Engraved ebony-wood India furniture was known in South India during the 19th century.  Later rosewood became popular also in that region.  Walnut India furniture was famous in North India.  Kashmir, sheesham furniture was known in the plains.  Traditional wooden carvers still use simple tools following the Furniture India styles which have been passed on from generations.

Examples of India Furniture

Furniture India has traditionally been limited to a small number of pieces:

Types of Furniture India

Cane Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Furniture India Imports

Import of Furniture India received a boost in 1998 when importers no longer required a license or special permission to import to India.  By 2000, the India government allowed foreigners to invest 100% in local furniture manufacturing.  This policy enticed companies such as Sauder and Herman Miller (US), Lista (Switzerland), and Gautier (France) to enter the India market.

Eighty five percent of the India Furniture industry is part of the unorganized sector with businesses that are often family owned and personally financed. More recently, larger organizations funded by bank loans are gaining entry into the India market.  While some companies sell their furniture through distributors, most of them sell direct to consumers.

Furniture India Imports Opportunity

The demand for branded furniture has increased in India due to the emerging upper and middle class urban population.  Although demand for local artisan furniture still exists, the growth is in imports as Indians seek contemporary designs in a modern world.  The reduction in import tariffs has also driven the growth of imported furniture.  All these factors provide a very favorable environment for those importers interested in importing furniture to India.

History of Furniture India

Historically, Furniture India did not have much of an influence on India's interior design.  Indians tend to sit on the floor on cushions and sleep on pads.  The Muslims began to influence Furniture India around 1,000 A.D. as beds, chests and tables were introduced to the India interiors.  Wood tended to be of poor quality as a material for furniture.  Ivory, stone and metals were used instead.  Carpets, rugs and textiles were still the dominant Indian Furniture around that time.  With the growing influence from Europe, more and more furniture were being produced in India.  Most of them were for export to Europe.

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