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China Manufacturing Companies

Where Did You Get That?

China Manufacturing Companies which supply goods to international markets are the life blood of the import from China business.  For the small business owner getting into the import from China business, the common question is how do I go about getting that “Made In China” widget from China?  You will have to systematically research, evaluate and select your list of potential China Manufacturing Companies.

Finding China Manufacturing Companies Leads for Import Products


Presourcing is the process of getting agencies involved early and giving them the responsibility of designing an item.  

Preselective Sourcing

This method utilizes a leads list of prospect suppliers that has been preselected based on its capabilities and cost.  Typically, you can generate such a list from:


Nonselective Sourcing Method

This is a mass approach similar to cold calling.  You'll literally develop a list based on the yellow pages, association directories, government sources etc. Apart from the name and address, you'll likely not have much more information.


Selecting the Source - China Manufacturing Companies