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Importers Manufacturers


Purpose of Importers Manufacturers

The Importer Manufacturer's role in the international trade business is to create or manufacture products in one country (usually foreign) for exporting around the world.  Compared to other simpler roles (Import Agent or Import Distributor), the Importer Manufacturer is the most complex and the most resource intensive.  However, it can also be the most lucrative because the Importer Manufacturer owns and controls the majority of the import process.  

Example of Importers Manufacturers

Here is an example of how someone may have chosen the Importer Manufacturer path.

Challenges of Importers Manufacturers

The complexity of the Importers Manufacturers role poses challenges:

Drawback Program for Importers Manufacturers

For products coming into the United States, you may be eligible to participate in the Drawback program.  It entitles you to receive up to 99% of your import taxes back if you plan to export your products to other countries again.

Here are the two major types of Drawback programs:

In order to work effectively with Customs, detailed documents are required to trace back to the raw material components of your products. Reimbursements are also time bound.  So make sure everything is dated.

This gives you an idea of the scope and complexity of your responsibilities as an Importer Manufacturer.  Some import entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by this position.  Many of them begin their career in importing from China by becoming an Import Agent or Import Distributor first.  Once they learn the process and the rules of importing, it is only then that they will consider being an Importer Manufacturer.