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Overview of Industries in India

Industries in India which are opportunities for importing from China have been changing over the years.  Much of this is due to the government of India's Import Substitution policy.  In order to be self-sufficient, the government wanted India to produce similar or identical goods in its own country rather than relying on imports.  

Industries such as newsprint, textiles and bicycles which were heavily reliant on imports a half a century ago have shifted more to local production due to the Import Substitution policy.  Even though there is a shifting away from imports in certain industries, it does not mean that importing goods to India is no longer a good business venture.  The bulk of India's imports are raw materials such as cotton, wool, gems and precious stones.

It appears these days that the import of Chinese goods is entering at an aggressive rate.   Consumer products such as cigarette lighters, batteries, locks, car stereos,   toys, fans, energy saving lamps are flooding the Indian market.

Industries in India

Here are some of the largest import categories for India:


Transport Equipment

Jewelry & Stones

Clocks & Instruments


Import Industries in India

The above are some of the key industries in India for the India importer to further examine to identify potential products within the categories as import opportunities.