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International Flight Booking

International Flight Booking

International Flight Booking requires more work than booking a domestic flight especially if you want the most economical and or the fastest route to your foreign destination.  With multiple airlines serving your destination and different time zones, it does make it more challenging to plan your trips.  It assumes that you can get to your destination using airline only. If this is not the case, then coordinating airline schedules with trains and ferry adds another layer of complexity.  There is typically less competition in international travel.  So getting a deal is not always possible in your International Flight Booking.

Planning your route - Be Flexible

The first thing that you will notice is traveling from North American to Europe or to Latin America involves flying late evening or overnight.   This is for logistical reasons.   It allows airlines to make a return trip within a 24 hour period which gives them more revenue.  It may shock your system to have dinner at 9 pm only to be wakened two hours later to have breakfast.  

Use an Online Travel Search

By using an Online Travel Search site, you can compare fares and schedules for multiple airlines.  It's great when you are unfamiliar with the destination and it saves you time from having to check differently airlines separately.  There are many Online Travel Agencies to choose from.

Travel Agents and Consolidators

Travel Agents

The airline industry has cut commissions to the travel agents over the years.  So much so that many travel agents have a service fee of $50 as a way to generate profits and stay in business.  Although many people shy away from the Travel Agents for domestic travel, they can be of great value for international travel.  

American airlines tend to have their lowest prices for international travel on their web sites.  Foreign airlines do not have the same practices. The travel agent can hunt for bargains for you.  They also offer great professional advice or personal advice on your foreign destinations.  Many travel agents are seasoned foreign travelers which makes them very qualified to give you advice.  A ticket to a foreign country can add up to $1000 to $2000+ dollars.  Spending $50 for a travel agent's help can be a great value.


Consolidators buy blocks of unsold tickets from the airlines and sell them through the travel agents at rock bottom prices.  Of course, their choices of airlines and times are very limited.  But if you are flexible, you can get quite a good deal through this resource.

Travel Internationally at Cheap, Cheap Prices

If you have lots of flexibility and you are looking for at the lowest prices, Hotwire and Priceline might meet your needs Hotwire offers travel with a fixed price while Priceline allows you to bid.  Both offers have very stringent restrictions.  Be sure to read the fine print before you buy or bid.