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International Standards Organization Purpose

International Standards Organization is a global network of national standards organizations from 156 plus countries.  This non-governmental International Standards Organization was created in 1947 with the purpose of developing standards and activities around the world.

International Standards Organization

The work of the International Standards Organization enhances the movement of goods and services across the globe as well as encouraging co-operation with scientific, technology, economic and intellectual initiatives.  It would be much more chaotic for the import from China or export to China businesses in the absence of the standards from the International Standards Organization.  The variation of standards from one country to another can become barriers to trade.

The import export industries always felt a need for worldwide standards to facilitate international trade.  International standards from ISO have been developed for a broad field of industries from banking and financial services, textiles, packaging, shipbuilding, information processing and communications, energy usage and production to the distribution of goods.  

International Standards Organization Purpose

The International Standards Organization first published a set of standards in 1987 called the ISO standards.  Many people mistakenly believe that ISO was created as the acronym for International Standards Organization.  The ISO term was actually chosen because it is a Greek derivative of the word isos, a word meaning equal.

The ISO standards provide a stamp of approval for companies achieving ISO registration that would assure buyers with regards to the possession of a quality process and system in place.  It is a vote of confidence that such companies can produce goods according to the customer's specifications.  

However, ISO standards are strictly voluntary because the International Standards Organization has no legal power to enforce their recommendations. The work is carried out by industrial, business and technical experts from countries around the world.  Having an ISO certification will help an import export company to bring goods into countries.  Some nations have decided that certain materials and equipment must meet ISO standards to be manufactured or imported into the country.

ISO 9000 Series

The most publicized ISO standard is the ISO 9000 series.  What is ISO 9000? This family of standards pertains to international quality management. It also provides a model for the quality management function within an organization.

ISO 9000

The ISO 9000 standard defines the definitions and terms used to be used in the ISO 9000 family of standards.  

ISO 9001

What is ISO 9001?  The ISO 9001 standards define the quality requirements of the ISO 9000.  It is also used to measure a company's capabilities of meeting consumer and regulatory requirements.  A company can achieve a third party registration or certification for meeting ISO 9001 requirements.  

ISO 9004

ISO 9004 sets forth the guidelines for performance improvement in the quality management area.  It is important to note that the process derived from ISO 9000 helps organizations to develop operational systems based on the ISO 9000 concepts.  It is these operational systems that help organizations to achieve a uniform well accepted quality standard around the world.

Having ISO 9000 certification won’t guarantee that your company will be able to import export goods to China, but it certainly will help the process with your potential buyer and consumers.