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Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries Industry

The Lithium Batteries market is dominated by Asian manufacturers from Japan, Korea and China.  With an annual total battery market worth close to a hundred billion dollars, the Lithium Batteries segment is the clear winner in today's battery technology competition.  Everything from phones, PDA's, portable DVD players is powered by Lithium Batteries today. The growth of Lithium Batteries is due to their lighter and smaller qualities combined with their ability to hold a charge longer.  

China, Leaders in Lithium Batteries

One of the hot industries pursuing the Lithium Batteries technology is the electric car.  It is a strategic advantage to have superior Lithium Batteries. This is an area where China excels due to the United States virtually giving up the manufacturing of consumer electronics to Asia in the 1980s. America has lost its leadership role in Lithium Batteries.  Today, there are thirty times more employees in the Made in China Lithium Battery industry than in the United States.

Top Lithium Battery Manufacturers in China

Here are some key Lithium Battery manufacturers in China for those entrepreneurs interested in importing from China:

BYD Company Limited

TCL Hyperpower Batteries Inc.

Tianjin Lishen Battery

As an import from China opportunity, there is nothing but upside for Lithium Batteries.  Fed by a growing consumer electronic industry that is power hungry, lots of profits can be found in the Lithium Batteries category.

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