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Sourcing From China

Sourcing from China - It’s Cheap but is it any Good?

One of the perceptions of the West is that the Chinese lack creative, scientific, and technological knowledge.  It is not surprising when we see so many 25 cent trinkets slapped with a "Made In China" label in our western society.  Looking back into history, many inventions which made an impact on the world can be attributed to the Chinese.  Is it any wonder that sourcing from China is one of the hottest trends in international trade.

Sourcing from China - Goods Made & Invented In China

Some of the more famous Chinese inventions include:

Today, "Made In China" or sourcing from China still has the stigma that the product is cheap. This is not totally unfounded given the media noise level on cheap labor in China including the exploitation of children in labor factories.  Chinese companies also engage in the price lever much more readily than their North American counterparts.

Sourcing from China - Future Chinese Exports

The current trend is that in spite of the country's massive cheap labor force, there will be a shift to higher added value goods for exports such as printers, sound equipment, and automobiles.  Today nearly all notebook computers are made in China.  They are made there and air freighted to countries around the world due to its high value and short product life cycle.


Key Facts on Sourcing from China

To help you select the right industry and the right goods to import from China and meet the needs of the target market within your country, you'll need to be familiar with the top categories for China Export Products. You’ll want to take a closer look at key industries such China Electronics, China Fashion, China Shoes, China Cars, China Auto Parts, China Watches, China Phones, Lithium Batteries, Cheap Razor Blades, Cheap Designer Handbags, Cheap Pianos, Chinese Tea, Ginseng, Medical Supplies, Wigs, Bamboo Towels, Costume Jewelry, Cheap Cosmetics, Medicinal Mushrooms and China Toys for import opportunities.  Make sure you avoid Counterfeit Goods. Chinese Painting, China Furniture and Bamboo Flooring have always been reliable import items used for the home decorating market (Asian Decorating Style) around the globe.

Once you decided on a product within an industry to pursue, the next tough task is to find and connect with China Manufacturing Companies who will export the goods to you.

After the products have been identified, you’ll need to figure out logistically how to get the items from China into you home country.  China Shipping is the main mode of transportation to export goods out of China.

Sooner or later when you grow large enough, you may want to consider producing your own goods by Contract Manufacturing China. It’s now becoming a common way to source from China.

Real Experiences!

Gary M. - Import from China to USA

“Thanks to your advice, I was able to start importing goods from China into California.  We focus on Antique Floor/Wall Clocks & Ceramic Decorative Vase/Pots.  Thanks for sharing.