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Shipping UK

Overview Shipping UK

Shipping UK and the logistics of international freight play an important role in the economy of UK.   The bulk of UK's international freight is processed through the UK's ports.  There are about 1,000 ports and terminals/wharfs in U.K.   The top ten ports in UK control the bulk of the shipments in and out of the country.

The top ranking ports according to volume are: Humber, London, Tees and Hartlepool, Southampton, Forth, Milford Haven, Liverpool, Felixstowe, Dover and Sullom Voe.  The majority of these ports are privately owned and operated.

Humber Port

Port of London

Port of Tees and Hartlepool

Top Ports for  Shipping UK

Port of Southhampton

Forth Port

Port of Milford Haven


Port of Felixstowe

Port of Dover

The Port of Sullom Voe

International trade and exploration by UK's ships have been part of UK's identity for centuries.  The key ports of UK continue to provide opportunities for the importer and exporters of today.  They provide access to one of Europe's largest consumer markets.