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Shoes Australia

Shoes Australia History

Shoes Australia has a rich history.  The first shoes invented in the world were estimated to have happened somewhere between 50,000 B.C. and 20,000 B.C.  The first image of man wearing shoes was depicted on a rock painting in Spain around 15,000 B.C.

Shoes Australia made by Aboriginals were traditional sandals created from plant materials.  Such Shoes Australia still follow very ancient designs today.

Consumer goods from ship wrecks in Australia such as the Sydney Cove in 1797 can reveal much about the Shoes Australia's fashion history.

Successful Shoes Australia Companies

Similar to the clothing industry, Shoes Australia has been impacted by cheap imports.  However, there are Australian shoe manufacturers and retailers which still do very well in spite of the global competition.

R.M. Williams

Colorado Group

Scanlan & Theodore

Johanna Preston and Preston Zly

Shoes Australia Import Opportunities

Cindy and Daniel Gilbert, founders of the Australian Shoe retailer, Australian Hype DC are perfect examples of how someone can capitalize on the Shoes Australia market by Importing to Australia.

Shoes Australia Industry Overview

Shoes Australia as an industry involves those businesses which manufacture mass produced products as well as those custom made. There are a couple hundred of shoemaking businesses in Australia employing several thousand workers and generating almost a billion dollars in revenue.

What other interesting niches are still missing in the Shoes Australia market? Take a look around and you too, can be the next Cindy and Daniel Gilbert.