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Shoes Canada

Shoes Canada History

Shoes Canada as an industry is deeply rooted in the skills of its indigenous people for centuries.  Inuit Boots called mukluks have been made by Native women using sealskin for generations.  These boots inherited the skills and craftsmanship of the indigenous people of Canada's Arctic.  The natives' manufacturing techniques which were used to keep the feet warm have been perfected over many generations; so much so that they have been copied by modern footwear manufacturers.

Moccasins made by Canadian Native women in the 18th and 19th century were often crafted with materials supplied to the natives through missions and on reserves.  They were fashioned using native skills and developed into items for trade.

These are just some of the examples of Shoes Canada which have been part of the Canadian landscape well before the European settlers have landed there.

Shoes Canada's Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum is a privately funded facility built for Sonja Bata to display her personal collection of shoes that she spent her entire life collecting from around the globe.  Sonja is the spouse of Thomas J. Bata, the owner of Bata Limited.  The exhibit was opened on May 6, 1995 in Toronto Canada.  The shoe collection is a story telling tale of not only Shoes Canada but also cultures from around the world.

Successful Shoes Canada Import Stories

Corinne Lissoos, an immigrant from Israel to Canada in 1989 is the successful importer of Naot shoes which have been known in Israel due to their quality, style and comfort.

The theme of this successful import entrepreneur is finding a niche and developing a value proposition that does not compete with existing product lines in the Shoes Canada market place.  If you learn this valuable import lesson, you too can be a successful importer for the Shoe Canada market.

Real Experiences!

Ron P.  - Import from China to Canada

“I came up with the idea of importing shoes from China due to the influence of my friend who is a shoe salesman.  I am opening an on line business as well as a shoe store. Your website is a great inspiration!”