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A practical guide for starting a small business

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Small Business Marketing Plan

Small Business Marketing Plan Makes You More Successful

It’s been proven that small businesses are more successful when they have a marketing plan.  This plan focuses on the customer.  It utilizes facts and numbers to generate marketing objectives, strategies and tactics or plan of action.   

Components of a Small Business Marketing Plan

It has information on:


Four Steps to a Small Business Marketing Plan

You can follow these 4 steps to drafting your own marketing plan:

  1. Product definition - you need to clearly define your product or service and what you have to offer in terms of features and benefits.
  2. Product positioning - determine which buyer time will most likely buy your product based on its features and benefits.
  3. Target Audience definition - define in detail the profile of your target consumers or buyers. Are they male or female (sex), tend to be younger or older (age),  single, married or married with children (marital status and family), high, medium, or low income (earnings), live more in urban or rural areas (geography), and risk takers or conservative (lifestyle)?
  4. Communication plan creation - design a communication plan that has specific actions reaching out to potential buyers to inform them of your product and its benefits.

    Here is a template for you to develop your marketing plan for your product or service.  You need to determine your marketing objectives, strategies and plan of action for each of the marketing mix (product, price, distribution, promotions).  Then you will need to understand what you need to measure to know if your plan of action will be successful or not.






Communication & Promotions











Plan of Action





Success Measure





Small Business Marketing Plan Grid

Ways to Promote Your Business