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Travel Taiwan Guide

Taiwan Diversity

Travel Taiwan Guide gives you a glimpse of Taiwan, an island south east of mainland China has deep influences from the Japanese, Chinese and indigenous people.  With only approximately 14 thousand square miles, the land is full of sights and sounds from the peaceful wonders of tall mountain ranges to the quick pace, industrialized metropolitan areas. Due to the island’s diverse history shared by three distinct cultural groups, the Taiwanese struggles with its own identity in terms of what it wants to world to see.

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Travel Taiwan Guide to Taiwan’s Economic Power

The relationship between Taiwan and mainland China can only be described as hostile just like the bickering between a younger and an older sibling. The two have clashed in wars deep in its history.  By name mainland China is also called People's Republic of China while Taiwan is called Republic of China (without the world "people").  Their relationship is not only confusing to foreigners but even the local Taiwanese are divided in their opinions on who owns what.

Taiwan is an island south of mainland China.  The island was handed over to the Republic of China after World War II by the Japanese in 1945.  Taiwan and mainland China fought in a civil war but Taiwan lost.  Politically, they are two separate systems.  Mainland China is communist, single party while Taiwan is a multiple party political system. Taiwan claims sovereignty over mainland China today.

Regardless who it belongs to, there is no argument "Made In Taiwan" has been dominant in the world for decades especially in the electronics industry. The island has become a major economic center in Southeast Asia.

Travel Taiwan Guide to Export Industries

For manufacturers in Taiwan, the local area is a large skilled and semi-skilled workforce. There are special export processing zones set up to facilitate the international trade.  Much of Taiwan's semi-finished goods are exported to China where they are further processed by cheap labor and then re-exported overseas.  

For years, Taiwan has been a leading exporter in:

Taiwan is beginning to transition to a more high value added goods producer in the high technology industry.


Travel Taiwan Guide to Things to do after a Long Day at Work

Taiwan has three main tourist areas:

  1. Northern Taiwan - urban/suburban region containing the capital, Taipei. The National Palace Museum with its Chinese Art is the main tourist attraction in Taipei. Other attractions include the Presidential Mansion and the Taiwan Jinja Shrine.
  2. Central Taiwan - offers natural beauty for the visitors.  Taroko Gorge, a 25 mile marble sided feature takes the center stage.
  3. Southern Taiwan - contains the Kaohsiung area, the industrial center, intellectual center and the main port of the country.

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