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Taoism Beliefs

Origin of Taoism Beliefs

Taoism refers to the teachings in the scripture, Tao Te Ching.  The philosophy was derived from a man called Lao Tzu who lived in the sixth century.  His teachings formed the moral and social foundations for China as a nation for many centuries.    

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The Practice of Taoism Beliefs

Types of Taoism Beliefs

Common Types of Taoism Beliefs

There are common beliefs to the different strands of Taoism.   Here are some examples of the more common ones.


There are many types of Taoism in existence today.  Here are some examples:

Real Experiences!

GW. F.  - Import from China to USA

“We import goods from China for resale in the USA.  Learning about Taoism made it easier for us to do business with the Chinese. You have a very informative site.  Thanks.”