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Trade Regulations & Barriers: Intimately Know Them


Trade Regulations

With the decrease in tariffs over the past two decades, there have been new trade regulations imposed by the U.S. Legislature to protect American businesses from unfair trade practices.   There are also restricted imported classes of goods making it illegal to bring them into the country.  As an importer of goods into the U.S., you must familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations.

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Photo Credits:  Marcel Goldsein and Chutiporn Chaitachawong

Trade Barriers

If you are thinking about importing those famous fighting Praying Mantis bugs for the U.S. Market, you better think again.  There are numerous restricted classes of goods.  Here are some of them which you should be aware of:

This is only meant to be a sample list and may seem discouraging. However, for most small importers, your goods may not even fall under any restricted categories.  If it does, a call to the appropriate department should give you the right information on what to do.

U.S. Trade Regulations and Restrictions