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Travel Warnings

Staying Away From Trouble

As you are conducting your business in a foreign country, there are travel warnings that you should be aware of.  They range from travel advisories about the dangers of traveling to certain countries, respecting local laws and staying away from drug trafficking.   

Travel Warnings - Travel Advisory

Citizens of the United States receive travel advisories from the U.S. government in terms of Travel Warnings about the dangers of traveling to certain countries.  The U.S. government will warn its citizens not to travel to foreign lands if there is political unrest or the potential of violence.  Governments from other countries such as Canada, U.K. and Australia will have similar warnings for their own citizens.  You will ultimately need to use you own judgment if you do decide to travel to a location with a "Travel Warning".  Do your research and know what you are getting into.

If you want to find another country's opinion for a travel warning for a particular country, you can check these sources:

Travel Warning: Obey Local Laws

When you are traveling to a foreign country whether for business for pleasure, you need to be very familiar with the local laws.  Sometimes local laws seem strange and strict to the foreigner traveler.  If you run into trouble in a foreign land, you are not protected by the rights within your home country.  

Travel Warning: Beware of Drugs

Carrying illegal drugs into a foreign country, no matter how small the quantity can ruin your life.   If you are caught, you will be prosecuted according to the local laws.   You will find that few countries around the world have a jury trial system.  It is also unlikely that bail is accepted. You could be detained for months and months before you reach trial.

The penalty for possession of drugs in some countries ranges from 2 to 10 years in prison, up to 6 years of hard labor camp or even death.

Some prescription restricted or contraband pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S. are legally sold over the counter in other countries.  Be careful about bringing these back into the U.S.   You may be breaking U.S. laws.  

Taking Travel Advisories seriously is only the first step towards safe travels.  Once you are in the country the Travel Warnings about local laws and drugs are not to be taken lightly.

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