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UK Imports

UK Imports - European Union

UK imports played an integral role in the formation of the British Empire for centuries.  International trade resulted in British explorers discovering and claiming many parts of the world for the British Empire.  This part of UK’s history is significant in that it influences UK Business Culture even today. As the explorers continued to move across the globe to create the British Empire, foreign business people reciprocated by conducting UK Business Travel to get a glimpse of what the mother homeland has to offer.

Evaluate the UK Industry and look for import opportunities.  Pay particular attention to Fashion UK or UK Shoes as import opportunities. The ports in UK have played a major role in international trade. They facilitate the movement of goods in and out of UK by Shipping UK.

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UK Imports Procedures Overview

The goods brought into the UK from another EU member country are called acquisitions.  The products brought into the UK from a non-EU member country are called imports.  This non-EU member country is known as third country. The UK imports process can be complex.  There are Import controls on Agricultural and other products.  Some products are even prohibited.

The UK Importing Process for goods from countries outside of the EU can be broken down in 5 steps:

  1. Declaration
  2. Physical & Document Checks
  3. Simplified procedures and Duty Reliefs
  4. Pay Duties
  5. Clearance Check

UK Imports Procedures in Detail



Physical & Document Checks


Simplified Procedures and Duty Reliefs


Pay duties


Clearance check

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Kelly O, Import to UK

“It's really nice to know about this kind of a website. We are an export-import and a buying house Located in Mumbai(India), New York(U.S.) and London(U.K.). Thanks for guiding us during the sourcing from China process.“

To understand UK Imports requires the importer to be familiar with formation of the European Union (EU).  The United Kingdom (UK) is a member of the EU.  Its 27 members collectively develop and manage import export policies in favor of the EU.  Within the UK, the government department of HM (Her Majesty) Revenues & Customs controls the imports and exports in and out of the UK based on the EU regulations.