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UK Industry

Overview of UK Industry

UK industry declined in its competitiveness in the 1970's due to lower labour costs around the globe especially those from Asia.  By the following decade, the conservative government under Margaret Thatcher began a process of privatizing much of UK's manufacturing industries such as car, truck, aircraft, and steel.  UK was the first country to switch from an agricultural to a manufacturing driven country during a historical period called the industrial revolution.

The major manufacturing industries within UK today are: engineering, food and drink, metals, minerals, tobacco, printing, chemical, paper, clothing and footwear.  Much of the UK economy is dependent on trade with other countries.  For instance, UK imports about one third of its food supply.  Many of the raw materials for manufacturing must be imported.

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Major UK Industries



Food and Drink








UK Industry & Import Opportunities

For the UK importer, it is important to understand the trends within the major UK industries.  For industries which already import much of the products such as footwear or clothing, there may be direct import opportunities.  For UK industries with a strong export orientation such as paper, there may be opportunities to supply paper industry with products and services used by the industry.  Take your time and explore the UK import opportunities accordingly.