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UK Shoes

UK Shoes Background

UK Shoes industry is full of footwear manufacturers which are also large retailers at the same time.  C & J Clark, UK's largest retailer has 600 retail outlets.  As a family owned business, it has been making UK shoes since 1825.  To remain competitive on a global basis, the company had to relocate its UK Shoes manufacturing to overseas in the 1990's.

UK Shoe sizes

It is important for the importer or exporter of UK shoes to understand that there are various standards for measuring shoe sizes around the world.  European sizes are measured in Paris Points which are 2/3 of a centimeter per point.  UK & American units are worth ¼ of an inch beginning at 8¼ inches.  Men and women shoe sizes have different scales.

Dr. Martens

The UK Shoes industry has made significant impact on the footwear fashion of the world.  Remember Dr.  Martens work wear boots?   It was UK designers, Gerardine and Wayne Hemingway who began customizing them and began selling them as fashion statements in the 1980's.

UK Platform Shoes

Platform shoes became popular around the world in the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and 1970's.  UK fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood reintroduced the platform shoes in the 1990's for the fashion model, Naomi Campbell to wear on stage.

Platform shoes were further popularized by the UK band, Spice Girls in the late 1990's.

Clear plastic platform shoes have been popular with performers in the "adult" industry.  Some UK women in their teens and twenties consider the clear plastic platform shoes as fashion statements.  Perhaps it is due to the shoes' shock value which is lost in today's  "me too" shoe designs.

UK High Heels

Today, virtually every woman in the western world has worn a pair of high heels in spite of the shoes' medical controversy.  High heel shoes elongate a woman's legs and change the woman's posture.

Such changes in physical appearance are considered sexually attractive by men and women.  Extreme high heels above 4 inches were popular in UK with young women and fashion conscious older women in the 1960's to 1980's and again in the late 1990's to early 2000's.

UK Shoe Fetishism

Shoe Fetishism is an obsession with footwear to the degree that it may affect sexual expression.  Typical shoe fetishes evolve around high heel shoes or boots.  Such images are often exacerbated by the "adult" industry where high heels of 6 to 9 inches are worn by exotic dancers and performers.

Thigh length high-heeled leather boots or riding boots are part of the image of a Lady Dominatrix.  Such extreme forms of UK Shoe have become popular with young women in the 1960's and also those engaging in modern clubbing.

UK Flip Flops

Flip Flops are considered popular with those who like to go bare foot. These shoes allow the foot to be exposed and can be quickly removed and put back on.  Flip Flops are considered a fashion statement by girls and young women in high school and in college.  They are worn with many combinations of clothing.  Flip Flops are so named because of the noise they make when someone walks in them.

Given all these trends and designs in UK Shoes, they provide significant opportunities for those interested in importing shoes to UK.

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