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US Business Travel

US Business Travel

US Business Travel to overseas may be a necessary evil in the world of international trade and import from China.  However, thanks to modern technology, you can accomplish a lot without ever having to get on a plane.  Many international business decisions can be made through fax, mail, phone, and Internet meeting technology.  You can utilize the services of an import agent who could be doing the traveling on your behalf.  If your organization is large enough, you can delegate the traveling abroad assignments to someone else working for you.

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Overseas Buying Trip

There will be situations that will require you or someone representing you to be in the foreign country.  Here are some of those situations:

International Travel Requirements

U.S. Passport


Tourist card

Health Requirements

Bringing Money with You

As an Importer wishing to import from China, you need to plan accordingly for a trip abroad.   US business travel within domestic US is very different than traveling abroad.  Your overseas trip is vital to starting your import business.  Make sure that your trip to China or any other country is as successful as it can be.