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US Furniture

Overview US Furniture Industry

US Furniture is the largest furniture market in the world due to the nation's size and wealth.  Its size is so large that the furniture market in the US is four times larger than that of Germany, the second largest market.

The US Furniture Industry within domestic US has been declining steadily over the past years due to consumers favoring cheaper imports especially from China.

The US lost over 270 furniture manufacturing facilities from 2000 to 2008.  The market share of imports within the US grew during the same period from 38% to 70%..

Even American companies are taking their manufacturing overseas.  It's still cheaper to ship the raw materials from the US to the Pearl Region for finished goods production.

Furniture Capital of the U.S. - High Point, North Carolina

The furniture capital of the United States is High Point, North Carolina. Its history dates back to 1889 when production began in High Point's first furniture factory, The High Point Furniture Manufacturing Co.  The first shipment was an office desk in July of 1889.  The success of this company quickly attracted other furniture manufacturing companies to set up in this area.

Not only does High Point attract many furniture store owners twice a year to its "High Point Market" trade show in April and October, but buyers and industry leaders from around the world are also in attendance.

For the consumers wanting to conquer the furniture capital of the United States, visiting the world's largest furniture store, Furnitureland South is a must.  There are over 1 million square feet of furniture available for the shopper to view.  The display areas can be as large as a football field.

US Furniture Import Opportunities

The US Furniture manufacturers have taken a beating from their Chinese counterparts over the years.  One in three American Furniture manufacturing jobs has been lost almost directly due to Chinese competition.

While this is devastating for some individuals, it is great news for those import entrepreneurs who want to import furniture from China into USA. Much of the furniture sold at High Point is actually produced in China even though they may have been designed in the United States.

An import license is not required to import furniture from China to the US furniture market.  While the use of an import broker is not compulsory, it is still encouraged.  The US importer should learn the US import process regarding entry and documentation. As the domestic furniture manufacturing continues to shrink within the US, importing will continue to grow as a business opportunity for the import entrepreneur.

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