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Visas To China

Don’t Leave Home Without it - your Visa to China

There are eight basic types of Visas to China:

  1. Type  C - For Flight Attendants only
  2. Type D - For Residents
  3. Type F - Business or Student Visa, allows someone to enter China on a short term basis for business or research purposes. This visa requires a written letter from your Chinese sponsor for the application to be approved.
  4. Type G - For Transit
  5. Type J - For those who are Journalists
  6. Type L - Tourist Visa, allows one to two entries and stays up to a month.  This is the most common.
  7. Type X - For long-term students
  8. Type Z - Working Visas

For those interested in a trip to China to start your import business, you will either go solo on a Type L Visa or enter via a Type F Visa provided that you can find a sponsor.





Apart from the citizens of Japan, Singapore and Brunei, all other citizens require a Visa to China.

United States

You can apply for a Visa to China in any of the Chinese Consulate within the U.S.  There are offices in Washington, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

For those living in the U.S., the secretary of state has some good information on traveling to China.  You can find it under the international travel section.


Check out the Chinese Consulate for details and an application.


Where To Apply

A word of caution.  Having a Visa to China does not give you the right to roam and explore every section of China.  There are restricted areas that are off limits to foreigners such as parts of Tibet.  You better check with the Dept. Of Public Service (PBS) in China before you go wondering off to what you believe is an interesting place to visit and get yourself in trouble.  Stay Safe!


Foreigners Beware - We Don’t Need to see you nn CNN International  

Types of Visas to China   

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